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International Colloquium: Data- and Model-Driven Methods in Tomographic Imaging



Room K218:

02:15 – 03:00 PM: Coffee and Cookies


Room K001

03:00 – 03:05 PM     Welcome


03:05 – 03:45 PM     Artifacts and Visible Features in Limited Data Tomography |  Professor Dr. Eric Todd Quinto (Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA)


03:45 – 04:25 PM     Learned Regularization in Tomographic Imaging | Professor Dr. Markus Haltmeier (University of Innsbruck, Austria)


04:25 – 05:10 PM     Known Operator Learning and Hybrid Machine Learning in Medical Imaging - A Review of the Past, the Present, and the Future | Professor Dr. Andreas Maier (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)


05:10 – 05:15 PM     Q&A Session and Closing Remarks


After the event: get-together with food and drinks



Participation is free of charge.

Venue: OTH Regensburg, Faculty of Computer Science, Lector Hall K001, Galgenbergstraße 32, 93053 Regensburg. 

Please send any questions by e-mail toki.kolloquium(at)oth-regensburg.de

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